Thanks for stopping by, here is our story and how we can help!

Eco Home Systems opened its doors in March of 2009 an award winning distributer in our first month of operation. We are avid and lifelong Oregonians and Northwest enthusiasts. Business owners in Portland for over three decades, we have earned the trust of the business community, and served such charities as The Doernbecher House and featured business for the Street of Dreams for five consecutive years. We understand what it means to have customers and what it takes to ensure a successful relationship with them.

Exploring new horizons, we hope to ear that same level of trust by providing the same level of service to you by providing you with a second-to-none home cleaning solution. We are second-to-none because we are not doing it alone.

Founded in 1936 our clean air and home cleaning system is an American history success story. Reinventing itself in 2007 to clean your home with modern technology, we continue to provide products that last, work and are relevant to your needs. Today the Rainbow Cleaning System is the latest evolution in the history of a truly revolutionary home cleaning system. Based on the principle that “Wet Dust Can’t Fly”, the Rainbow uses a unique water-based filtration system to effectively remove dirt and airborne particles from your home.

Our business is based on five core values:

  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Success
  • Fun

We are proud to serve you!