Home Cleaning Systems

The Power Nozzle

Power Nozzle PackageFeatures:

- Has its own motor, giving you extra cleaning power on all carpeted surfaces.

- Has a Height Adjuster which allows for efficient cleaning of carpets of all lengths and types.

- A fingertip Power Control and an ergonomic grip are user-friendly features.

- Prevent frustrating tips and tumbles with this simple to operate Upright Lock Mechanism.

- A sleek profile and long stainless steel arm provide an extended reach to clean under almost anything.


The RainbowMate



- A has a sleek, lightweight design that allows you access to areas that used to be unreachable

- It’s a snap to clean stairs making cleaning faster and easier than ever.

- Cleans most upholstered surfaces, including upholstered furniture.

- Cleaning car interiors is a cinch.

- When connected to the Rainbow, the RainbowMate provides the cleaning power of two, with its own internal motor.


The Aqua Mate



- The AquaMate works with the Rainbow to clean your carpeting with water and a special cleaning formula.

- Works effectively on most carpet types and dries quickly. Your neighbors will think your carpets were cleaned professionally.

- The AquaMate Carpet Cleaning Formula cleans, reconditions, deodorizes and protects carpets


The Rainbow Squeegee

Rainjet Package


The Rainbow Squeegee attachment gives you the power of versatility, with four convenient cleaning configurations.

#1 – The sponge attachment can be used on tile or linoleum floors to scrub away embedded dirt and debris.

#2 – Flip the Sponge over and the Squeegee Wet Pickup Blade maximizes the wet pickup ability of the Rainbow, leaving floors virtually spotless

#3 – To get in-between tiles on your floor, the brush goes where no mop has gone before, providing exceptional cleaning results.

#4 – By rotating the Brush, the Rainbow Squeegee Wet Pickup Blade finishes the job.


Additional Accessories


The Rainbow Cushion Crunch Bag

Makes cleaning and refreshing your cushions and pillows a snap with a simple two-step process.








The Rainbow Sprayer

The Rainbow Sprayer assembly attaches to your Rainbow Wand and can be used to mist your valuable house plants.







Four Quart Basin

Twice the size of our standard water basin, this detachable basin is designed for bigger jobs and is great for use with the AquaMate and wet pickups.





Fragrances Assorted

Fragrance Packs

The special Aroma-Therapy Collection and the Standard Pack of fragrances will make your home as refreshing as a spring garden. Each set is available four to a pack.