The Rainbow

Rainbow-FPWhen you think about home cleaning products, you probably don’t think of a single solution to do the job. Well now you can. Home cleaning for your floors, carpets, walls, blinds, furniture, vents, and even the air in your home has never been easier and more fun to clean. Yes that is right, we said air. The Rainbow along with our proven methods, cleans the air to an astounding 99.9% pure air which is free of allergens and pollutants that make you sick and cover our homes in dust. Our system is so efficient and effective in cleaning your home it is environmentally and energy friendly product that NASA uses it in their facilities in replacement of traditional commercial clean room filtration systems.

Eco Home Systems is revolutionizing how people think and feel about cleaning and what clean really means.  The Rainbow is leading the way in green house keeping.  Our product is built to last with a warranty stretching 20 years, made from 100% washable and reusable materials. the rainbow provides chemical free housekeeping and revitalizes your home while leading the market place in green accountability.

Our care is further backed by our product manufacturer.  Founded in 1936, our clean air and home cleaning system is an American history success story. Today, the Rainbow Cleaning System is the latest evolution in the history of a truly revolutionary home cleaning system. Based on the principle that “Wet Dust Can’t Fly™”, the Rainbow uses a unique water-based filtration system to effectively remove dirt and airborne particles from your home.